The Wood County, Ohio, Green Party

Thanks for your interest in the Green Party!

The Wood County Green Party was established back in 2010 by Joe DeMare. Originally from western New York, Joe has been a Green since the mid-1980's. The Wood County Greens follow one of the founding slogans of the original Green Party in Germany, "Neither Left Nor Right, but In Front!" The Green Party is meant to be a true alternative to the "left" and "right" dichotomy that dominated politics in the 20th century. In the 21st century, we are facing problems that threaten to tear apart our society: global warming; income inequality; plastic pollution; and a host of social and economic challenges that need solving. We focus on solving these problems by following the Ten Key Values of the Greens: Ecological Wisdom; Grassroots Democracy; Non-Violence; Social Justice; Feminism; Personal Responsibility; Locally Based Economics; Decentralization; Diversity; and Future Focus.

Campaigning on these Values, the Wood County Greens grew from just 15 registered Greens in 2010 to over 100. Although the Ohio Green Party had its ballot line taken away, the Wood County Green Party still counts almost 200 members.  In 2013, Joe DeMare ran for Bowling Green City Council and received over 11% of the total votes cast in a four way race for two open seats. He received 35% of the number of votes that the winner did. Since then, other Greens have run for Council, and the Wood County Green Party has led campaigns on issues like: banning plastic bags, fighting HB6, establishing bike lanes, and saving rooftop solar.

In 2019 we had four candidates running for two open City Council seats. Carolyn Kawecka, Roz Doyle, Helen Dukes, and Beverly Elwazani ran a cooperative primary where they all supported each other instead of attacking each other. Carolyn and Beverly won the primary and went on to a decent showing in the City Council election. They ran on issues like bike lanes, backyard chickens, and improving our schools.

In  2023, Joe ran for Mayor of Bowling Green. He had an incredible outpouring of support from the community. His lawn signs can be found in every part of the City. He is ran on issues like: ending BG's penalty for having rooftop solar; mandatory third party inspections for BG's rental properties; saving our wind turbines which the current administration plans to tear down next year; and bike lanes. Unfortunately, he only received 26% of the vote.

The Mayor appoints members of the Municipal Utilities Board. That Board has created regulations that will make it impossible  for rooftop solar power to play its essential role in heading off global warming. The Board also refuses to reconsider BG's disastrous 50 year contract with Prairie State coal plant. That plant puts a billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every month. BG can both save the planet and save money by breaking that contract. If we can appoint Greens to the Utility Board, we can change BG"s energy future to a sustainable one. 

We continue to be a voice of reason and a voice for change in Wood County. We will always stand by our Values and refuse to take donations from corporations or agree to "compromises" on our positions that will allow the planet to slide further towards destruction.

We try to meet the last Friday of each month at Joe DeMare's house to enjoy home made pizza and make plans for the future.

Joe DeMare and Helen Dukes are the Co-Chairs of the Wood County Green Party. Please join them in helping to bring Wood County into a Green Future.