Wood County Green Blog

Wood County Green Blog

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Hello, and welcome to our blog! It's time to put some Greens in office, here so that we can finally change things for the better. This is going to take hard work, help from a lot of people, and some luck, but it will be fun! One experience I'd like to share with you is just how positive the response has been to our organizing efforts. Even though the State has removed our Party status, people are still excited about the Green Party and want to help in the fight to save rooftop solar in BG. No one, except the Municipal Utility Board and the Utilities Director (who sits on the the Board of Directors) wants BG to keep buying dirty coal power from Prairie State when we could be buying clean energy at lower costs, instead. But, the Board, Mayor, and Director have made it clear the only way to make the change is to get them out of office ASAP. That's just what we're going to do!


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