Busy Summer for Greens

Busy Summer for Greens

Friday, August 26, 2022

The Fair was a Success! On to the fall!

Thank you to the over 20 volunteers who came out and staffed the Wood County Green Party's tent at the fair! It was a very successful year. We sold a record number of our T-shirts. Those T-Shirts are available to anyone in the US for a $15 donation. Contact us to ask how to get yours! People also loved our vegan cookies, and many people signed up to get updates on our activities and to volunteer at future events. We are still looking for a mayoral candidate for the 2023 election. We need someone (preferably a woman) who embodies the Green Party values of Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, and Non-Violence. We are going to start collecting signatures to reserve a line on the ballot in a few months, even if we don't have a candidate, yet. We know that, whoever we run, both Republicans and Democrats will pull out all the stops to try to keep us off the ballot and will try to keep us from participating in public forums. It's not easy being Green. But, every day we are reminded of the necessity of finally having a Party that is a real alternative to the D's and R's. Every time we actually do something, like have a fair booth or run candidates, we bring hope to the vast majority of Americans who have said that they want to have a real choice in elections. Thanks to everyone who is choosing survival, that is choosing Green.

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