Election 2022!

Election 2022!

Saturday, September 17, 2022

A new day is dawning for the Greens.

The 2022 election is coming up, shortly. Early voting starts October 12. This election is a bittersweet one for the Greens, because we have no candidates on the ballot in Wood County. But, we're still going to play a part in this election, and we WILL have at least one candidate on the ballot for 2023, that is Mayor of Bowling Green.

Right now, we are working on a Green Party voter's guide for the 2022 election. While Greens have a policy of not endorsing candidates from other Parties, we can certainly tell you who NOT to vote for. For example, in the 75th Ohio House district, Haraz Ghanbari should NOT be re-elected. He's a Republican who pushed through HB6, the most corrupt and evil energy policy in Ohio's history. He also voted for HB 434, a bill that would turn Ohio into a nuclear waste dump. Please do NOT vote for Ghanbari. Our voter's guide will have recommendations for many other candidates and issues.

But, the real story is that we are gearing up for 2023. This is the "New Dawn" we've been waiting for. By starting to organize, now, we will show the people of BG why it's so essential that we overthrow the corrupt two party system and put the Green back into Bowling Green. Stay tuned!

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