Campaign Going Full Throttle, Climb Aboard!

Campaign Going Full Throttle, Climb Aboard!

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Some thoughts from the midst of things

Our billboard is up. Slowly, but surely our map of streets we have visited in our door-to-door campaign is filling in. Joe has made appearances at: City Council meetings (opposing the PR district); a school board meeting (advocating for the proposed high school to be a carbon negative building); and other public events such as the gay pride event on Wooster Green.

He's shaking hands, talking with BG residents, and making new friends. So far, local press coverage has been pretty good. There's 10,000 things that have to be done in a successful political campaign. Joe has done all of them before, and intends to do all of them in this campaign.

The necessity of electing a Green Mayor has never been more urgent. In the past few months, temperatures have soared to new heights around the world and stayed an order of magnitude hotter than ever before in human history. We have to stop the Prairie State Coal plant from dumping a billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every two weeks. It's clear that won't happen under the Democrats. It certainly wouldn't happen under a Republican. There's no time to lose and no better choice to bring Bowling Green into a new, clean energy future.

Now's the time to jump in and help. We need door-to-door canvassers, volunteers for our fair booth, and donors. This campaign has already cost quite a bit, we're going to need more in order to make the greatest possible impact.

But the most important thing you can do is vote Green, and tell your friends and neighbors to vote Green, too. Onward to victory!!

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